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Creative Origins

TSL Consulting was founded in 2010 with our primary goal being, to provide clients with exceptional design services. We believe, putting forth extensive effort to provide explicitly detailed design documents, is the key to a successful project. This upfront effort is the defining element of the TSL edge, and in turn safeguards our clients so that they don't experience runaway costs during the construction phase. As the construction phase, is where the true cost saving can be felt. Our founding partner Gregg Hyde has always said "You must elucidate to illuminate", and that is what we do. From the initial planning phase to the final outcome, we offer guidance and support throughout the entire design process.


We’ll work closely with our clients to understand what they want, to ensure the final product is: compliant with local standards and regulations, efficient, mindful on how the public uses the facilities, and ready to best serve the public.

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